Kategori : Hotel Melati

Jumlah Kamar : 6 Kamar

Alamat : Jalan Raya Tomohon -> Jalan Perum Uluindano

Telp / email : (0431) 352449


  1. Dear reader I was in 2001-02 in Wawo hotel, I am dutch with a woman named Sylvia Tatty, her mother lives in Tomohon and was teacher before re-tiring. This Sylvia was a tour guide, I met her in Medan and later we went to Bali and Sulawesi.The owner of Wawo hotel was Timi Waworunto. Can anyone tell me how I can get in contact with this Sylvia Tatty. Thanks very much, Han Elst.

    • How can i contact you.
      if you are in Netherland (Belanda).
      send me you email address or telephone number.
      then I can contact you.
      Ok see you han.


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